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Toolbar not aviable on Gnome Flashback.

After update from ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 it can be that the top toolbar doesn't display the watch, etc...
If you start the Gnome FlashBack (no effects) then it display. How can you let it display it in Gnome Flashback with effects.

  • you open the terminal konsole and enter followed command: start unity-panel-service

After activating the command, you will see that suddenly everything is ok. You can automate this process by let it activating the moment you start yor system up. I did add it to the folder where you can add command lines for execute on startup "Startup Applications".
When you did open "Startup Applications", then enter the same command that you did use above in the terminal konsole:  
start unity-panel-service

After I did automate this job, I found out, that it worked perfect now in the environment "Gnome Flashback", but not annymore in the environment "Gnome Flashback (no effects)"! If you disable again this automated job, restart the computer then you will see it works back in the "no effect" environment, but not annymore in the "effect" environment.
It seems that this is a bug....

The solution is not 100% but it works!


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