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HowTo mount NTFS hard-disk on a linux Station.

It can be that the use of an external harddisk over USB is not directly working into linux, certainly when it's installed into NTFS format (Microsoft).
Can it be fully used like into an Microsoft environment? YES

What need tobe done for let it working? Follow steps below, if necessary install the required software:

  • Go to the programme "Software installeren/verwijderen.

  • Type into the search area the name => ntfs-3G

  • Install :

A. simple graphical filesystem configurator.
read/write NTFS driver for Fuse.
read/write NTFS driver for Fuse.
read/write NTFS driver for Fuse (traditional package).

  • It can be that there are no be some passwords asked, just enter your password.

No you can try.
If it doesn't work yet then to the steps below:
It can be that you did installed the operating system with an USB and it can that there is written a setting into a configuration file that block this!

  • open the command konsole and type followed command: gedit /etc/fstab

  • look in this file for a line like => /dev/sdb1/media/usb0 auto rw,user,noauto 0 0  you should delete this line or you can just put a # for the line (more safe option!) then it would look like => # /dev/sdb1/media/usb0 auto rw,user,noauto 0 0

  • Save the file

  • Connect again the hard-disk, and look if it popup,so you can free access it.

Normally it should be working! If not you can those commands also trying into the konsole:

  • chown root $(which ntfs-3g)

  • chmod 4755 $(which ntfs-3g)

Those last command make sure that "nfts-3g" binary is set to setuid-root!


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