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Missing DLL file(s).

You've a problem when starting your windows, with an missing DLL or corrupted DLL file? Well here I've maybe a solution for you.

  • Open the command console (as an administrator).

  • type the command: cd\

  • type the command: sfc /scannow

  • Let the computer work to the end & then restart the computer and look if it's repaired!

  • If it still doesn't work do the same steps as above but change the command sfc /scannow to regsvr32 (name of dll).dll

     (example => regsvr32 uxtheme.dll)


  • How you open the command console as an administrator? Go to the windows start button at your left corner from your taskbar, click on it, now navigate to: programmes -> bureau-accessoires , there you will see the name "command console" go over it with your mouse, click R-button mouse and choose to open it as an administrator. Accept confirmation!

  • If it is repaired & I did start up the computer again, what should I do? Scan your computer with an antivirus programme and after it, run a programme to check for mallware! Free programmes for mallware can be downloaded from the internet! example mallwarebyte => url= http://www.malwarebytes.org/

  • I can't restore the actual missing DLL, what todo? I've 2 options, first you can try to take a copy from an other computer and copy this to the place where he is missing! The second option is, do a complete fresh install from windows (warning; you will lose everything that is standing on your harddisk..so be sure you've all your important files standing on a backup disk!).


  • Some missing DLL's need to be copied to 1 or more places on your computer. This depends from the type of windows version you have. You can find this by searching into google, or if you've the same version installed on an other computer, look where the file is standing there! Places where it need to be copied you can find here...it can that this will be for some DLL's diferrent

Example for the missing DLL file "uxTheme.dll"
    C:(Windows 95/98/Me)
    C:(Windows NT/2000)
    C:(Windows XP, Vista, 7)
    If you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you should also place uxtheme.dll in:

Download DLL files:


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