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Installation of MONO.

For all the people who want to write programmes under linux in an environment like Visual Studio.NET.... well then you can use MONO.

How I did install it on Debian 7, you can see below:

  • Open the linux konsole  (you can do it also graphical, see google howto! )

  • sudo apt-get update

  • sudo apt-get install mono-complete

  • sudo aptitude install monodevelop

All the questions you be asked into the konsole about installing files => Press "

Original website of MONO you can find here:

The instructions above can be probally also used into: Ubuntu & other linux distributions!

For all the windows users. If you also want to write programmes in a programme like Visual Studio, but you want not to pay "Bill Gates"...then you can use also monodevelop for windows...

  • Were you can download MonoDevelop for windows & linux & Mac:

  • For Linux users it can be installed with "Synaptic Pakket installer" or your favorite packet installer. Warning! It will be probally not the latest version! How to install the latest version you can do also with synaptic. First you need to add the source to synaptic:

  • deb sid main (this can be replaced with your favorite mirror download also. See download servers at page:

  • Then let synaptic search for MonoDevelop 4 and install it!
  • Then I recommand that you delete that actual path from the mirror server. I've found that it can give troubles with your current debian version when you do an upgrade..then it will try to update stable version with lot of unstable installers & this can give problems! I had the problems under Debian 7 & Ubuntu 12.10. How to remove this path again, you need to close "synaptic" and open the Linux Konsole.
  • Open Linux console and type:sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources/list
  • Now delete the 2 lines that refere to the monodevelop source (the one you did add for installing the latest software monodevelop).
  • Save and Close the file. If you now update, your system will not be affected with unstable or test updates!

If you are using unstable versions and you like to test, then you don't need to kill those entry in the source.list. But be aware, it can give strange things to your operating system!



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