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How to fix the about:blank page into Internet Explorer.

It's verry annoying when you start your internet explorer & have everytime the page about:blank. Most people try to set the page again under the options from your internet explorer, but when this not work, you can do some other things!

Go to the windows symbol on the left corner & click on it. Typ now into the textbox ==>  regedit
  and press enter. Now you are into the registry from the computer. Don't make a lot of changes here into other things, just follow mine steps:

  • Browse to the follow key:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER / SOFTWARE / MICROSOFT / INTERNET EXPLORER / MAIN  and click double on the name "MAIN". Now you will see on your right a screen with a lot of names & values. Search here for the name: Start Page  and change the value to: example ==>

Open "Internet Explorer". When IE open now in the page as example, problem is solved and you not need to take more steps! When it isn't fixed, also change the same value to those registry key below:

If all 2 keys are changed, it should work! If not...then there is another problem! Try otherwise some malware scanners, antivirus, or search on google!

Here you can download
a file that will import automatically the settings from above. Note, that your internet explorer will start with the page , if you want that it starts with another page, then open the downloaded file with notepad and change the name, to the name you want, then save the document and run it!

If you run the document, the computer will ask if you are sure to add the values to the registry => Press "YES"



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